Plastic Canvas Patterns

One of the hottest trends for needlework hobbyists these days is the use of plastic canvas patterns. Needlework enthusiasts of all ages are discovering the huge variety of plastic canvas patterns that are available. No matter what theme you are looking for, chances are good that there is a pre-made plastic canvas pattern specifically designed for that theme. With so many to choose from, it helps to have an idea of just what is out there.

If you are looking for a plastic canvas pattern for a child to help introduce them to the enjoyment of needlework, there are many options that are available to you. You can start with a simple project like animal print coasters or a tablemat with their name on it. Once they get the hang of threading the yarn through the canvas and are secure in their handiwork, they can work up to larger projects. A popular option is to create a tissue box holder that can be embellished with an “I Love Mom” or “I Love Grandma” insignia. They can be incredibly proud of themselves when they finish creating their lovely present and pleased as punch each time they see their wonderful gift to Grandma displayed in her home. Not only are they learning a new skill with their needlework hobby they are also building life skills by learning the enjoyment that comes through hard work and a giving spirit.

If you are looking for a pattern for yourself that is more challenging but you are not quite ready to graduate to the world of plastic canvas basket making you might want to consider improving your needlework skills by making ornaments. There are plenty of patterns for everything from Valentine’s Day ornaments to Easter ornaments to Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree. The needlework skills that are required for these projects are a little intermediate as the patterns can require more precision work, but they are a nice step between the basic beginner level and the more extreme needlework patterns. There are different sizes that are available so you can always start with a slightly larger option and then gradually work your way down to the smaller more detailed pieces.

As you start to work with the smaller plastic canvas patterns, you will generally find that you will switch from yarn to finer threads. The smaller the pattern the smaller the threading and the needle becomes, so you might want to consider adding an oversized magnifying glass to your hobby basket. You cannot enjoy your crafting if you cannot adequately see your handiwork in progress. By adding a freestanding magnifying glass, you can always have a very clear idea of exactly what you are doing.

When you feel like you are ready to graduate to the next level of needlework then you might want to consider trying your hand at basket making. There are all sorts of great patterns that are available for you to choose from. You can opt for an ethnic themed basket pattern that sports tribal figures along all four sides. You can opt for a Southwestern themed basket that features more of an Aztec pattern to the design. You can even create Easter baskets or Valentine’s Day baskets. If you are really daring and up to the challenge you can even find patterns for tiny old fashioned village houses that have handles on the roof that turn your handiwork into a carrying basket. The skill level needed is at a much more detailed level so you definitely want to be sure you are up for a challenge before taking on this type of project.

No matter what skill level you are at or what your age is, you can definitely have great fun with plastic canvas patterns. It keeps your mind and your hands busy and creates an opportunity to make all sorts of wonderful gift options. It is also a wonderful way for children and adults to bond over a fun and productive hobby. Just imagine all of the memories you can create by engaging in this wonderful hobby with your children or grandchildren. It is no wonder that this trend is so popular.

Plastic Canvas Patterns 2014